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We hope the in-depth information displayed on this page will be helpful. You might want to do Your own research before ordering, as our special offers can save You up to %30 percent on orders, and We value Your money.

Acai Berry Juice is a product that is enabling farmers in underdeveloped countries make an income that improves their standards of living. This has motivated us to embark on a journey where We bring the best ingredients from across the globe straight to Your homes. We hope to improve the quality of living of our clients as well.

We value You as a client and a person, so We are fully transparent with our products ingredients and are confident We are delivering quality by taking all the steps necessary to ensure it’s up to par with industry standards. You can read more about our certifying body – which is located in Germany by clicking here. The certificate public disclosure information is available here. For press releases or samples for established media, please use our contact form.

We encourage the users or reviewers to check our certificate validity. Companies that work with selected farms might have an unexpected outcome that reflects on their product. This could be due to the manufacturing process, so We share our certificate number and authority with the public.

We believe in our product and the fact it has no side effects means that anyone that buys the product will benefit themselves, not only our company. They will contribute to economies in developing countries as well as the organic community as a whole.

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Our plan is to expand our product range in accordance with the success of the Acai Berry Drops as we believe that any company that works in this sector is both the benefactor and the beneficiary. We value our customer base. Loyal customers will be rewarded with special discounts and offers.

The distributor covers a wide area of countries of shipping as We wouldn’t like to see disappointed customers and abandoned carts.