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Yes. Acai Berry has BCS OEKO-GARANTIE certificate that makes this product the best in his field of organic food.

No. Acai Berry is completely natural and doesn’t produce any side effects.

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For optimal results remove the supplied dosing pipette. Draw 1ml (10 drops) of serum into the pipette and squirt under the tongue. Allow to absorb for 5 seconds before swallowing. This is one dose, to be taken once per day for the entire duration of the course.

This is an extremely potent product and should always be used responsibly.

Mineral Make-Up. Most people can safely continue to use their regular hygiene products without affecting their weight loss. Mineral make-up is best. Whatever you use must be oil free. Be sure to read the ingredients on everything you put on your skin to be sure it doesn’t contain oil. If you use products containing oil, you will stall your weight loss.

Be sure to read the ingredients on anything you put on your skin to be sure it is oil-free. There is a possibility that if it contains oil, your body will absorb it and cause you to not lose weight. Baby oil, mineral oil and corn huskers lotion are all safe alternatives.

No Exercise Required T5 Diet Drops does not require exercise, and dieters choose a calorie plan to fit their lifestyle. Customers testify that following the T5 Diet Drops protocol helps them shed excess fat in problem areas and slim down with less fatigue and hunger, and fewer cravings. Trained weight loss experts stand ready 24/7 to help T5 Diet Drops dieters set reasonable goals, get past diet plateaus, and answer questions. Exercise is permitted but not required.

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Med Natural does not return any of the products that you bought.

You will be eating normal, healthy food that is easy to find at your local grocery store. You will have proteins, veggies, fruits and cracker servings each day. How many servings of each is dictated by the caloric level you wish to achieve based on your lifestyle and exercise habits.

You will eat the same veggies, fruits and crackers that are mentioned in the normal protocol. For protein, you can have tofu, skim milk, plain non-fat cottage cheese, and plain non-fat yogurt. You can also have any of the fish options if you wish. Another daily protein suggestion is 6 egg whites.

If you did the loading phase correctly, are taking the drops as directed and are following the program you should not be hungry. Occasionally, if you did not “gorge” in the first 3 days you will be hungry in the first week but this will pass. It can be hard to break lifetime patterns and occasionally people on the program can’t get their head around it. Keep in mind the goal posts are never far away!

If you follow the program precisely you will have sufficient energy. In fact many people feel more energized, especially in the 2nd and 3rd week of the program.

It takes 2 -3 days for the hormone free drops to be fully effective. Gorging in the first 3 days significantly decreases hunger while on the diet.

High fat calorie foods such as cream cakes, creamy pasta and fried foods however the fats in dairy products, nuts, oils, avocados are a healthier option. Whatever you choose you should be uncomfortably full.

Yes, however it is easier if you eat some form of animal protein.

Yes. however a sudden increase in salt can cause water retention. Excessive use of salt is a common cause of inconsistencies in weight loss.

You really need to use an accurate set of kitchen scales and a calorie counter. You can purchase a calorie counter or use one online. Vegies are the best food to fill up on as they are lower in calories and full of water and fibre. Basically, your protein component is 100g = 100 calories, fruit 1 serve = 55-110 calories, grissini breadstick or melba toast 1 serve = 20 calories plus vegies. The size of your vegetable portions will vary with each type of vegies used.

Fresh vegetables are best but frozen can be used if you need to.

Yes, but it is dehydrating so drink plenty of other non caffeinated fluids. Drink at least 8 glasses of water daily plus coffee, tea, herbal tea. Green tea is particularly good. Keep in mind you are only allowed 1 tablespoon of milk in a 24 hour period so a cappuccino or latte is out of the question.

Listen to your body, people eat for many reasons, if you eat when you are stressed, aim to find the trigger and try to find an alternative activity to food. Also, ensure you are drinking enough water. A fibre supplement may be taken to increase the feeling of satiety.

Occasionally, if you previously ate a lot of sugar, carbohydrate or even alcohol you may have cravings in the first week. These will pass and when the program ends should not reappear.

Most people who do the program exactly as instructed lose 7-10kg in shifting phase of the hCG diet, that is 21 days, some more and some less. It is valuable to take measurements as your shape will change no matter what the scales say. Often people lose 3-4kg in the first week and the remainder over 2 weeks.

Yes, losing the extra weight and creating a healthy body can only help your fertility. If, however you become pregnant during the program you should stop. Keep in mind once you are pregnant it is a great opportunity to look after yourself, not to gorge for 9 months.

No, it is never recommended that you start a weight reduction program while breast feeding.

You can use anything that does not include fats and oils. Shampoo and conditioner are acceptable as long as you wash them out immediately, leave in conditioner is not recommended. Lipstick is also allowed. Do not use foundation. Oils are absorbed through the skin so even though you are not putting any fat in your mouth these products will slow down your weight loss.

What deodorant can I use?

Hair colouring is not encouraged, a small amount of the chemicals and / or oils contained in the colouring or conditioners can be absorbed through the skin and may negatively affect weight loss. I have to confess I coloured my hair (using foils which don’t touch the scalp) during my first 3 week program and it made no difference to weight loss. It is discouraged simply to eliminate all variables.

It may take up to 3 days before you start losing weight again. Resume 500 calorie diet and continue to use drops, you will start losing again.

It is always better to undertake this program when there are no social events. Having said this it is not impossible, you will need to take your meal with you or ask for a meal to be made specially. Be quite specific with your instructions to the kitchen.

High intensity aerobic exercise is discouraged on the program. It wonнt speed up the process and may in fact stall it. Mild exercise such as walking and swimming is acceptable and most individuals benefit from 1 resistance training session a week, including core training.

Stop using the drops but continue with the 500 calorie diet until your period finishes. Resume taking hormone free drops when period finishes. Count the days of your period and add these to the end of the program. For this reason it is best for women to start the program the day their period ends.

No, alcohol is a carbohydrate and will affect weight loss.

Yes, this happens all the time. The diet is so easy and results are so spectacular that people want to keep going. Keep taking the hormone free drops and continue with the 500 calorie diet.

For best results and lasting results you should complete the initial 23 days. After day 23 you can stop at any time. Note: You must do the equivalent time in the maintenance phase as you did in the weight loss phase.

No, you will only lose the stored abnormal fat. Your structural fat will remain so you will never look gaunt or underweight.

The diet is safe for adult males and females. If you have any pre-existing medical conditions please check with your Doctor prior to commencing.

Yes, often diabetics have a lower fasting blood sugar after the program. Do not stop taking medications and please check with your Doctor prior to commencing.

Yes, Do not stop using your medication without consulting your Doctor. Medications that can’t be used are any that affect your hormones so you must check with your Doctor prior to commencing the program. We are happy to provide your Doctor with information regarding the program.

Dr Simeons protocol recommends not taking supplements, however, if your multi vitamin is oil / fat free, this will support your body during the process. Probiotics and digestive enzymes are ok as they help digestion.

Increase your water intake, a fibre supplement may be used.

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